Tips for Keeping 2024 Promises to Yourself

By Dr. Gerard Muraida

Resolutions vary from person to person, but for most, the trick to keeping a resolution intact is to limit your goals.

Promises for the new year commonly include weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise programs, spending more time with family, and working less. However, a long list of drastic changes that are meant for a total makeover can kill success from Day One due to frustration and discouragement.

According to research firm Drive Research, more than a third of Americans make new year’s resolutions, yet than 10 percent stick to them through the year.

A new you may be what is in order, but one step at a time and one adaptation at a time will be key to realize long-lasting victory.

Contributing factors to personal achievement include:

  • Setting realistic goals.
  • Commitment and personal motivation.
  • Developing a plan with incremental small steps.
  • A support system of family or friends.
  • Adaptability and consistency.
  • Forming new habits while remaining amenable to change.
  • Self-reflection.
  • Avoiding known pitfalls.

So, think small, think consistency and plan ahead for possible obstacles to have a triumphant 2024.

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