Dear Prime Time readers,

We wanted you to be among the first to know that we have recently acquired a second local, community-driven publication that many of you may already read or be interested in picking up, especially if you are parents or grandparents of young children. It is New Mexico Kids! Family Magazine, the state’s leading family publication since 1992.

Since acquiring Prime Time early last year, we have enjoyed becoming immersed in the community and connected more directly with many of you. We have seen how the stories we print here have impact on the lives of New Mexicans beyond anything we ever imagined. So, as women in our early 40s, with three children ages 7 to 11 between us, we decided it would be both fun and gratifying to expand our local content to support young families, adults of all ages who care for children, and even children themselves.

We are immensely grateful to the bimonthly tabloid’s former owner, Nancy Plevin, for entrusting her magazine of 23 years to us. At age 70, she has decided to retire, spend time traveling, volunteering, and taking more walks.

If you are not familiar with New Mexico Kids!, its goal has always been to offer local help to local families, to give adults information and resources they can’t find elsewhere to help raise their children, and to give children something on the printed page that engages them. Under our ownership, the magazine’s content will remain largely the same, devoted to feature stories, a calendar of events, a directory of afterschool activities and summer programs, but with more of everything.

Each issue will continue to feature a full-color reproduction of a New Mexico child’s painting on the cover, chosen among submissions from young readers. There are also book reviews for children, a Young Scientist section, and crossword puzzles, in addition to areas designated for drawing.

New Mexico Kids! is almost entirely written and edited by freelancers, all of whom have been retained under the new ownership.

New Mexico Kids! prints about 30,000 copies every other month and has about 75,000 readers per issue. It can be found on racks at 400 locations in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe area, including at groceries, hospitals, restaurants, museums and libraries. The first issue to be published by us – the November/December edition – is slated to be available October 28 on racks and online at

The upcoming issue will also contain an age-specific holiday gift guide to help adults know what would be appropriate for children at different stages of development. We hope you’ll pick up a copy.

Finally, we have launched a new website for the Family Caregiver Resource Guide ( and for Prime Time Monthly Magazine ( At these sites, you will be able to easily read current and past issues, find local entertainment and event updates, search for caregiver listings, and much more.

We look forward to your input on content in both publications.

With appreciation,

Ashley Conner and Dana Benjamin

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