Proper Movement, Alignment Key to Managing Parkinson’s Disease

By David Wargo

My name is David Wargo, and I am dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s disease, orthopedic problems, back pain, and nerve issues. My work as a movement and alignment practitioner is unique because I teach clients how to understand their bodies, heal themselves, and ultimately how to care for their bodies for the rest of their lives.

In helping my clients to manage Parkinson’s, I focus on reversing years of orthopedic, alignment, and movement dysfunction that many people have but of which they are unaware. These underlying issues are largely byproducts of our modern sedentary lives. Most healthy people can “get by” in their day-to-day existence despite these problems, but Parkinson’s disease exacerbates them, making people with Parkinson’s stiffer, tighter, more imbalanced, and often provoking more orthopedic issues. When my Parkinson’s clients begin shedding these symptoms of modern life, their balance, gait, flexibility, and posture improve.

Think of a movement and alignment practitioner’s work as similar to a car restoration shop, as opposed to a body shop. Body shops typically repair damage to one part of a car, while a restoration shop strips the car to its frame and rebuilds it from the ground up, piece by piece, part by part. That is what I do with the body.

I developed my system over the last 13 years, practicing with more than 2,000 clients, totaling more than 15,000 client hours. Each of my clients goes through the same program and begins  with the same fundamentals, releasing years of knots in muscles and fascia and stretching muscles that have never been stretched. The goal is to reconnect and restructure the entire body, muscle by muscle, neural connection by neural connection, to restore it to the cohesive whole it was meant to be. When the client is willing to do the work, they receive incredible results.

In the coming months I will provide a new perspective on activities that can improve your life. For example, most people are unconsciously creating some of their own pain, injury, and orthopedic issues due to the way they are walking. Walking correctly can help to heal and realign your body with every step you take. So, next month, I’ll discuss proper walking.

David Wargo is a movement and alignment practitioner and the founding director of David teaches movement and alignment techniques at his clinic in Santa Fe, New Mexico.



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