Press Release – Local Author Ronald Perea

FOR RELEASE:  4/15/2022:     Local Author Ronald Perea has incredible experience writing about life in the Southwest and the many exciting events that have, and do, shape our future.

A huge fan of Tango dancing, he also ran the Comedy Club downtown for years, his other passion.

For great summer reading, we recommend Elsie and Elsa, for all readers aged 16 and up.  In his own words, “It is as if this novel was mean to be written – before I could even write my own name.”  Ron has lived and worked in Australia, worked for Southwest Writers Club, bought and sold local homes and land, and loves to give tours of local, historical icons such as the ‘Spy House’ in downtown Albuquerque.

Enjoy this following excerpt:  “As their food and ammunition ran low, they knew they were on their own.  In early April 1942, more than 70,000 starving American and Philipino troops surrendered.  …When it was over, a mere fraction of survivors came home.    Only then did America learn of the years of depravity in slave labor camps, that these men endured….  Not known then as the Greatest Generation, society would give birth to a generation called Baby Boomers.  New developments in society were introduced, such as rock and roll music, which fashioned its own icons.  Another was our competition with the Soviet Union called the Space Race.  This undertaking too would bring another term into the lexicon: Astronauts…”

Mr. Perea is available for interviews, either in person or by phone.   Literary agent, Christina Sultan, tel. (505) 403-4507.

Mr. Perea is also doing a book signing at Le Chantilly, on Saturday, May 14, from 12 – 3 pm. Join us!

Books – and more – will be on hand.

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