An Immersive Van Gogh Experience Comes to Albuquerque

By Beckett Nodal

Vincent Van Gogh’s 19th-century impressionist paintings are a favorite of the art world and a pop culture phenomenon. Lifted from the original masterpieces displayed in world-renowned museums, their likeness appears on everything from napkins to coffee mugs, screen savers to memes, T-shirts to totes.  Still, chances are whether you’re a fine art follower or a knickknack collector, you’ve not seen Van Gogh like you will soon in Albuquerque.

Beyond Van Gogh, a traveling immersive art exhibit, will use projection technology to feature 300 of the artist’s most recognizable paintings onto walls in larger-than-life high-resolution digital images. All will be animated and set to a custom symphonic soundtrack amid 30,000 square feet of experience space at the Immersive Pavilion in the Sawmill District.

The event is an example of the immersive art experiences trending nationwide for their unique approach to classic works of art and their defiance of traditional museum conventions. For those who may think that a museum setting is not for them, this is a way to explore some of the world’s most famous artwork without the potentially intimidating experience of visiting a gallery. For some, this may even spark an interest in the further exploration of the art world. On the flip side, if you’d prefer to view Van Gogh’s works in the quiet and neutral setting of a traditional museum, then this may not be the experience for you.

Beyond Van Gogh, which is scheduled for March 2 – May 1, is open to all ages and typically requires about an hour to experience. Ticket costs are $29 for children, $50 for “basic entry” for adults, and $84 for VIP tickets.

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