By Brian D’Ambrosio

Adoring Effort: The Work of Printmaker Julie Sola

The word “handmade” has evolved into an umbrella term used to describe the particular devotion paid to a wide variety of products and merchandise. In fact, there has been a resurgence of interest in goods and services appealing to the more individualized and less mechanized aspects of craft.

However, Santa Fe printmaker Julie Sola has been living the qualities of handmade artistry for a quarter of a century. She works in letterpress, the skill of pressing paper onto letters and then typesetting, or composing them, with lead or wood blocks. It’s an arduous process that traces its origins back to the 15th century and Johannes Gutenberg’s first mechanical movable type invention.

Sola cut her teeth in the essentials of letterpress while working at Hatch Show Print, a design and publishing house founded in 1879, in Nashville.

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