By Brian D’Ambrosio

The Fantasy Realm of Sculptor Don Hallock

When New Mexico artist Don Hallock begins a project, he seeks raw materials that have been shunned and then re-uses and re-imagines them in the construction of a new structure, with new function. In this way, he proves that art can be invented and borrowed simultaneously.

Usually it starts like this: He finds a toy or some scrapped possession that looks to him as if it could be re-purposed, say, as a head or a wing or some other aesthetic. Then he integrates it into a larger vision. Jar lids transform into wheels; a dragon emerges out of what was once the base of a candle holder; a three-tiered candelabra is converted into a fantasy flying machine; air-conditioner vents are re-fashioned as components of an automaton; antique spark plugs discover new life as bird necks.

The end result of Hallock’s conjoining is a recognizable object – a robot, a space ship, a guitar, an animal, a wall-hanging mask, or an airplane, steeped in recycled fantasy and second-hand fancy.


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